About Moringatein

Moringatein combines the nutritional power of Moringa leaves and a time-released protein blend into a delicious and convenient meal replacement smoothie the whole family will enjoy. When you drink Moringatein, you are investing in sustainable Moringa farming and creating generational change to help end world malnutrition.

Moringa Leaf

HariPrasadNadig_800The super ingredient in Moringatein is the Moringa leaf. Moringa leaves are one of nature’s most complete sources of nutrients, including: protein with all the essential amino acids, 17+ vitamins, and fiber. Read more about Moringa on Discovering Moringa.


In addition to Moringa, Moringatein includes a full array of ingredients specially selected to serve as a healthy meal replacement. See the Moringatein ingredients here.

Nutritional Value

Simply add water and mix to create a complete meal replacement smoothie. Read the Nutrition Facts here.


Combine Moringatein with some of your favorite ingredients to complete your meal. In the future we’ll be posting some of our favorite creations and sharing some of yours!

How can you get Moringatein?

We’re preparing to launch a crowd funding campaign to bring Moringatein to you – while investing in sustainable Moringa farms in the communities around the world who need it most.

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