Introducing Moringa

I’m Jeff Ericson, the founder of Moringatein.  In 2000, I founded Camano Island Coffee Roasters with the simple philosophy that a business can change the world for good. Our vision was to combine our passion for ethical coffee with generational change in coffee growing regions. You can read more about the success we’ve had on the Camano Island Coffee website.

Jeff Nicaragua

While visiting coffee farmers in South America, I was introduced to Moringa by a Peace Corps professional. He showed me the numerous uses of the tree, including how the leaves are packed with the vitamins, protein, and fiber millions of people are lacking in their regular diet.

I knew I could take my experience in social business combined with my new knowledge of the nutritious Moringa, to create something big — Moringatein!

Let’s continue the conversation with the amazing health and environmental benefits of Moringa listed here.